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     Austaralian and New Zealand formed a new ANZAC force. Latrun Camp in Palistine was the focal point for the new training area for many of the ANZAC's, and like their Fathers' before them the "Young Digger's" as they would call themselves would train hard and long to forge a new name and honours list for our small nation's that would re-verberate around the globe and into history as Germany once again would remember how hot upon the trigger we were. General Rommel would comment of the Aussies and Allies defending Tobruk and call them RATS, rats they would call themselves from then on.   


    The Australian 6th Division was the first into battle against Italian Forces, the capture of Bardia and the port of Tobruk would follow against sometimes stiff Italian opposition. Many smaller battles would follow with the 6th being sent into defend Greece against the German advance and after defending the Allied withdrawal the Aussies first stood up to the blitzkrieg and halted the SS advance. The Germans would only cauiously advance as they found out that the well trained marksmen would pick off anyone moving at long distance and let the Germans advance to just open up with pin point accuracy close in, they were no easy pushover. Then the ill fated Crete campaign where overwelming numbers, bad luck and extreamly undersupplied Allies could only pause the German paras and mountain troops.


    Syria was the next phase to remove the Axis, and Vichy French Forces were waiting ready to repell the attack. The 7th Division went on the thrust of the British advance and together with Free French Forces (Foreign Legion troops took part on both sides) pushed forward into the Oil rich country and removed any opposition before them.


     The 9th Div would repell all atempts by Axis forces at Tobruk with the aid of the Poles and Czechs also. Alamein and the push into Cyrenacia (Lybia) followed next for the Aussies until Axis Forces could no longer hold out with the great Anglo/American army coming from the West and they capitulated on the African continent.


    It was agreed that the Aussies were now free and could all return home to fight the Japanese in the Pacific while the Kiwi's would remain to invade Italy and the gradual push into Europe.