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Who are we?     We are a living history and reenactment group based in Brisbane QLD Australia,

What is Living History?      Living History is the portrayal of everyday life from the past

What is Reenactment?     Reenactment is a way of reenacting the past battles, drills and history

Who is ellible to apply to join?      Any adult over 18 and children of members can apply but you also need to join the Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF) or Australian Living History Federation (ALHF)

What is QLHF ?    The QLHF is the governing body of this hobby in QLD, we get public liability insurance through this them.

Do you need a firearms permit to be a member?  No, this will depend on your impression

What is the overall cost of a basic impression?   This will depend on what you wish to portray? but look at $1,000 with uniform and kit

Do I need to have everything before I join?   No, but we do want a commitment from new members before they are excepted


If you need any more information or wish to put in a request please email the President at