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    In September of 1939 Australia was the first country from the Commonwealth to answer the call from Mother England and declared war on Germany, For the second time since Federation and only a mere 21 years after the Great War, we were at War, again with Germany.


    The Second Australian Imperial Force was raised, and together with our ANZAC Brothers New Zealand our land and air forces were sent to England and North Africa. The first step was to reform and re-quip as war had changed with Germany's Bliztkrieg quickly overwhelming Poland and the Low counties and fast approaching Belguim and France.   


    With Japan entering the war on Dec 7th 1941 it was agreed that Australian land Forces would return from Africa and comcentrate on the Pacific campaign whilst New Zealand Forces would stay with the British in Europe. The policy for the Allies was now to defeat Germany first. Aussie and Kiwi ships would sevre in all major conflicts and oceans of the world alongside our Allies, the RAAF and RNZAF would also contribute to the bombing of the Axis throughout Europe and participating in the invasion of Europe on D Day.   


    Both Australia and New Zealand became a base of operations and training of the huge US Pacific armies and fleet. The Yanks would join us to stop the Niponese threat against our homeland. The New Zealand Forces were polstered by the Royal Fiji Regiments that would serve with distinction and would have the lowest casualty rate of any army during the Second World War, and one of the highest ratios of bravery awards too of any army.


    This was all to culminate with the defeat of Japan and utimate surrender. VP Day was to become a celebration every year since.